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Bootsy Collins - I’d Rather Be With You !! #ClassicFridays !!

I Fuck With This Song Sooooo Heavy..





World History in a nutshell. 

This is literally the best fucking metaphor for World History and you cannot tell me otherwise.



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"A riot is the language of the unheard"

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Yes, look at all of those “surprising” romantic undertones.

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Police release surveillance photo of Guaranty Bank robbery suspect

Second robbery in two weeks at Cedar Hills location

Jul 7, 2014

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Police released a surveillance photo Monday afternoon of the man suspected in the robbery of the Jacolyn Drive branch of Guaranty Bank Monday morning.

Cedar Rapids public safety spokesman said police responded to the robbery at 191 Jacoyln Drive NW at 10:12 a.m. Police said a man entered the bank, displayed a handgun and demanded cash. He then fled on foot.

No injuries were reported, police said. It’s the second time the branch has been robbed in the last month.

The suspect is described as either a dark-skinned white man or light-skinned black man wearing a blue polo shirt with white pinstripes, blue jeans and a black cap.

Citizens in the area of the robbery or anyone with information is asked to call the Cedar Rapids Police Department at 319-286-5491 or Linn County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-CS-CRIME.

The same branch was robbed on June 25. Monday’s robbery marks the eighth in the city this year.

via http://www.kcrg.com/subject/news/public-safety/crime/guaranty-bank-branch-robbed-for-second-time-in-two-weeks-20140707



The Cedar Rapids Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested two men in connection with three Cedar Rapids bank robberies after searching three homes and a number of vehicles.

Damion Michael Broderick, 25, and Timothy Lee Broderick, 22, both of Cedar Rapids were arrested Monday and charged with several counts of second degree robbery, a Class C felony.

Damion Broderick is charged with one count for the April 28 robbery at US Bank, 2350 Edgewood Road SW, two counts for the June 25 robbery at Guaranty Bank, 191 Jacolyn Drive NW and three counts for the July 7 robbery at Guaranty Bank, 191 Jacolyn Drive NW

Timothy Broderick is charged with one count for the April 28 robbery at US Bank, 2350 Edgewood Road SW and three counts for the July 7 robbery at Guaranty Bank, 191 Jacolyn Drive NW.

They each face multiple counts at each bank location because money was taken from more than one bank employee.

Both men were taken to the Linn County Jail.

The investigation continues and more charges could be filed.

via http://www.kwwl.com/story/26016758/2014/07/14/fbi-arrests-two-men-in-connection-with-three-cedar-rapids-bank-robberies


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